Winter Moth

Adult Male Winter Moth

Winter Moth- Fifty-three readers responded in the affirmative when we asked if anyone had witnessed winter moth activity in a November-December 2013 informal survey. Of this total, only 4 came from sightings north of Providence. The majority of the rest came from Warwick, East Greenwich, North Kingstown and South Kingstown. Interestingly enough, while these findings are not fool-proof, they do mirror the places where winter moth damage has been most severe over the past few years. Look for more of the same in 2014, despite the bone-chilling cold which is known to kill the overwintering eggs of this alien pest.

Female Winter Moth The female moths do not fly and generally are found laying eggs on the trunk bark of host plants after mating. In past years, the winter moth has been active in RI from mid-November until early January.