Celebrate Arbor Day

You are cordially invited to celebrate Arbor Day with the Rhode Island Tree Council, National Grid, RI Department Environmental Management and The Newport Tree Society on April 28, 2017.

Arbor Day recognizes the importance of trees. Trees purify the air, provide cooling shade and soothe the human psyche. Their ability to slow and absorb storm-water saves taxpayers millions of dollars in annual flood damage and treatment costs. Trees also beautify the places where we live, work and recreate. There are literally hundreds of benefits derived from trees that help to improve the planet and the welfare of the human race. As you can see, trees are special, so special, in fact, that RITree plans to honor them on Arbor Day and we would like for you to attend.

The Arbor Day Event will take place on Friday, April 28, 2017, 11AM at Mount Pleasant High School, Providence, RI So come and join us as we celebrate the wonder of trees this Arbor Day. There will be educational booths with free literature and certified arborists on hand to field questions on tree planting and care. For more details or questions on Arbor Day, contact RITree by telephone 401-764-5885 or email ritree@ritree.org.

See you on Arbor Day!